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We are testing in a couple of weeks and I am SOOOO nervous! The questions seem to be worded very weird. Also, we have been encouraged to look over the student booklet prior to giving the exam. Now I know some questions that I would LOVE to review but they are pretty specific things. Should I steer clear of these or just go ahead and make sure the ids know it even if they blatantly see it on the test when given? How do you get over the anxiety about how well they will do? Thanks!!!


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How nice that you get to review your tests before your give them. We are not allowed any where near them until the days of testing. They are so afraid of teachers 'cheating'. But if I had the chance to review specific questions that I thought they would have a hard time with, I sure would.


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reviewing exam

I'm always surprised when I read of teachers who can review the test. Our state test is a sealed, classified document that we are not allowed to see before, during, or after testing--unless they decide the release the tests sometime in the summer.

If the state had its way, we'd monitor the test with our eyes closed.

As far as your question, could you review things with the kids that are similar in nature to the questions?


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In my state CA, we sign a paper saying that we will not look, copy, or anything under the sun, to the test. I can't believe they would let you see the test. As for the weird wording, if the students know the material, they should do OK.

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We, too, aren't allowed anywhere NEAR the test booklets until the days of the tests. Even then we aren't supposed to actually LOOK at the tests that closely. During weeks we test, we have to have our lesson plans turned in ahead of time and can't do any kind of "test review" during that time. We also sign an "ethical testing practices" paper.


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teaching the test...

Well, it's no wonder that some states do better than others. My state test is also one that we are not allowed to look at before, during, or after. We also can't talk to the kids about it afterwards. I would love to be allowed just one hour alone with that sucker just once!!!!!!!!!!!