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Texas Unit



I need ideas for my Texas theme. Is anyone willing to share ideas from their lesson plans?



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What You Need:
Potato or paper
What You Do:
Either give your children a potato with the bottom cut off or a piece of paper cut into the shape of a cactus. Let them stick toothpicks in it and paint it to make it look like a cactus.
What You Need:
What You Do:
During western week cut triangle pieces of fabric from a sheet and give them to your children. Let them design their own bandanna.
Pocket Art
What You Need:
What You Do:
Find old jeans (at a thrift store) Cut the pockets off (still attached to the jeans) Let your children paint them anyway they want. Write the Childs name on the jeans. You can then use the pocket on a bulletin board or door to give notes to parents.
Stick Horse
What You Need:
Wrapping Paper Tubes
What You Do:
Ask your students to bring a dole stick or broom stick or roll up newspaper. Cut out horse's heads (leave a neck to go inside the tube) from cardboard and let your children design their horse. They can paint them and use yarn for the mane and halter. Help your children attach them with glue and tape. Now go out Ridin'! Stick horse races.... straight line.... weave in and out of poles.... Barrel race like in real rodeos. Do the cover leaf design. I don't remember what it is called race down pick up a bandana and race back... Another is when you race down and a second person gets on and rides with you back to the finish line.
"Buckaroo Bucks" as rewards. . independent reading assignments = "Reading Round-up", Cowboy Language (instead of Mountain Language) and Outlaw Math (instead of Mountain Math). reading groups were coyotes, prairie dogs and armadillos. I bought gold stars and turned them into badges (name tags) and our bulletin board was "Mrs. ______has rounded up a great posse " Take pictures the first day of each of the students wearing a cowboy hat, bandana and their badge and put them up on the board. Our signal for attention was I would say "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes" and they would freeze, turn all eyes on me and reply "Yee-haw".
"cowpoke of the day"

Homeschl mom

We're studying cowboys right now.

Well, we're just kicking off our cowboy week. And, last week, we read about the Alamo. Those are interesting subjects. For the Alamo, we basically read and talked, so I can't help you there.

For cowboys, though, we're having fun and here are some things you can do in a classroom.

1. Make brands. First design on paper, then draw it on thick fun foam. Glue to foam to wood blocks (have a kid's dad cut up a 2 by 4 post into 4 X 4 blocks). Remember to glue them on "backwards" because when you stamp, they'll turn to forwards again. You might want to cut the inside holes with an exacto knife yourself but the kids should be able to cut the outside with scissors, as long as they make the design is simple.

2. Lots of fun food. Hand-squeezed lemonade is a treat for us. The cowboys ate and drank citrus to avoid scurvy. Don't forget baked beans, beef, cornbread, cookies, coffee (serve little cups of decaf to the kids).

3. Read about the functionality of each piece of cowboy attire. Everything they carried or wore was totally functional. Even the fancy stitches in the boots helped the boots stay stiff once the leather got soft!

4. Make bandanna pillows. This takes a bit of money though. Each kid gets a small pillow form (less than $4 at Walmart) and two bandannas (each is about a buck, but you might find them cheaper). Tie the corners of the bandannas together using square knots, right around the pillow forms. No need to sew.

5. Practice lassoing. For each group of kids, cut a 20 foot length of clothesline rope (again, walmart) and make a tiny loop knot at one end. Thread the other end through and get a big loop there. Have a target (we used a tee ball tee) and try roping. DON'T ROPE OTHER KIDS OR ANIMALS!

Learn about cowboys, their lingo (check some websites), how they lived and dressed. Watch a video about rodeos or ranches. Go to a rodeo if you can.

You might just want to have a Cowboy Day where everyone dresses up and you try these things.