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Thanks to all who post...


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Just a note to say a big THANKS to everyone who posts here. I'm a new student teacher and visit the site everyday. It's a great support group for me and keeps me going--even with all the problems being discussed! I know I'm not alone in my struggles, hard work, desire to be a great teacher! Thanks for the time everyone puts in to read all the posts and reply. I get soooo much out of it! It helps me get up and go to work in the mornings! You are all such a wonderful bunch of people, I wish I knew you personally!!!!!


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great site

This is a wonderful place even for us old timers. It's encouraging and inspiring to read about teachers who are giving so much to the children of their community.

The generous sharing of ideas and the supportive shoulders to cry on is amazing.<!--lovestruck-->


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big warm fuzzy!

and thank you for posting yourself! Think if nobody did... we'd have a super dead board. You may notice many posts get read and in comparison to that there really are few posts. Me, I'm trying to hit 1000 posts so I can become a senior member. I had to move and change my signin, so there is a lot of cathing up.

This site saved my sanity when I first found it. Don't forget to check out the job seeking room, very good. So is the substitute room.

welcome, and enjoy your teaching career, a difficult, complex, and ever rewarding profession.