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Thanksgiving Break :0)



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Wed, Thurs, Fri

I would love to have the whole week. There are so many of mine out of town I can't teach anything new. I know review is good....but the ones who truly need it, of course, are not here.
I wish we'd have the whole week....

of course the behavior of the ones that are there....horrible.


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Tick, tick, tick...I'll be through at 2:30 tomorrow!!! But, I have a chorus rehearsal until 3:30 and then I have to be at another rehearsal for an all-area choir from 4:45-6:00. :(



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I get all week off, too!

ALL WEEK--Woo Hoo!

BUT............My throat started to hurt at about 1:30 on Friday. I have been sick in bed since then! I go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon, but Friday through Tuesday I have been completely sick! I hope I will get better by Wednesday and especially by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy a day or two off before heading back.

We have 3 weeks of school and then we get 3 weeks of for Christmas break! I don't know if anyone else has that length of time off, but it's great! We are in session until June 12th though.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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a full week? Enjoy! In my county we are off W-F, but I am satisfied with that...especially since it is Tuesday evening :)


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We are off a whole week but we do not get those Monday holidays like Veterans Day, Columbus Day, etc. The only "Monday holidays" we get are Labor Day and MLK Day.