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Thanksgiving play


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We did our performance of TURK AND RUNT and some Thanksgiving poems today and I am so happy to say it went really well. The practices were nightmares :( and we were dreading it, but with some last minute fixes we made it fun for everyone, and they stepped up!
I was so glad! Do you do plays? Don't they eat up your instruction time? Is it worth it? I am hoping that the memory of the experience will be lasting and the missed reading groups will be made "worth it" when they see an authentic purpose for reading. I write this post with much relief.:rolleyes:


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I do plays and then I make a video out of it. I take pictures of the kids performing their parts and then I record them saying their lines. I put it all together using Photostory 3, add a little background music to jazz it up and presto...a wonderful video of the play. I even let the kids help me edit it. Then I will post it on my website for the parents to view it!


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Rosieo--Website please!

I'm a fellow MI first grade teacher. Can you post your website? I'd love to see your videos!

We're going to the computer lab on Monday. Everyone has a turkey "fact" that they will type and illustrate using Kidpix. We're going to save each slide as a .jpg file (I think) and move them into movie maker or something (I need a little help from the Media Tech on this one!). THEN....we're going to record each child reading their turkey fact so that the movie or, more accurately, slide show will have the kids' narration. I'm pretty excited to do it!

I have a blogmeister blog where I'll post this. If I get it done, I'll start a new post here with the web address!

I so want to get a webcam so we can record things like plays.

:s) Still looking for the turkey icon. Mal


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Do you have the TURK and RUNT scripts? I'd LOVE you to post them! I love that book. ;)

I don't do plays (only because I don't have any!!!). Sure it eats up "routine" instructional time but OMG! You are teaching so much more....problem solving, FLUENCY FLUENCY FLUENCY, fantastic memories, READING and PERFORMING (and memorizing!!!) for a real audience.....All of that is SOOO incredibly powerful!

Huh! Listen to me! The one who DOESN'T do plays!

Well, I DO do Big :s) Pumpkin. The kids are still begging to act it out. We took it on "tour" one year...to second graders who loved doing it the year before. They were thrilled! Hmm. I really should do it again. They just act it out while listening to the taped version of the book. They really learn the words to the song so they sing along but it's not an actual play.

Where do teachers find scripts for plays?

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