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Thanksgiving Reflection


Senior Member
I've been trying new ways to be happier and reduce the stress that makes us long for these long hoilday weekends. I read somewhere that practicing graditiude is a way to improve stress levels and restore peace of both mind and soul. I'm not promising anything, so here I go....

1. My healthy family.

2.That I have a teaching job in the school and grade level of my choice.

3. An adminstrator who actually stands with her teachers and not parental whims.

4. A team that pulls together despite differences in style and philosophy.

5. My good students who are polite and work hard.

6. The parents who want to help and make everything easier.

7.Finally getting the hang of all the curriculum ins and outs.

8. Snack and Soda machine in the teachers' room.

9. Working copy machines and calculators.

10. Completed report card ready to go home on Monday.:s)