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That kind of day


c green

Vent follows:

One kid in my class who is always just a little AAAARGH! was on a real roll today. He got a reminder, and his name on the board, for talking. Then he was rude to me about it, so he got sent to the fearsome teacher down the hall (I love her!)

Some time later, he sauntered back in, without the paper I had sent him to write about what was going on. He, it turns out, had been in the hall, hadn't gone to Mrs. Scary's room, and told me that I'd just told him to stand in the hall. He appealled to the class. "Did she say to go to Mrs. Scary?"

"Yes!" yelled my class, in one of the few moments of moral and auditory clarity I've ever seen from them.

So I told him to go to Mrs. Scary's NOW. He sighs. "What! Why? I went out of the room like you told me to."

So we go up a notch on the consequences. He now has after school detention with me. He protests. I send him to Mrs. Scary, because now I just want to get rid of him. Poor child.

Half an hour later, I think we should retrieve him. I ask my paraprofessional to go get him. She comes back and tells me he is not in Mrs. Scary's room, and has not been there. Eventually, he returns to the room on his own power.

When we discuss this during break, he says he went to Mr. Niceguy's room, because Mrs. Scary was teaching a class. Mr. Niceguy is also someone I dispatch kids to from time to time, but the classrooms are not interchangeable. The kids know this. He gives me attitude.

I told him that he has afterschool detention with me for the remainder of the week. He says he can't come every day. I tell him he will. He says not. Eventually I sigh and he says 'You done?'

I don't really know what to do about this kid. He WILL skip detention. I already have written several referrals. His Mom speaks almost no English, and has little control over him, although she's concerned. Dad is wrapped around the kid's little finger.

He doesn't care about grades.

I really just want to spank him and make him stand in the corner, but the state of California sayeth otherwise. What a brat! And he's hardly alone in my classroom.


Senior Member

EVERYDAY!!! I feel for you. Luckily I had a parent wittness this behavior and the kid was suspended for 3 days. Detention sure doesn'e work. He is 6 and this is his 4th school since Preschool.