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"The Biggest Loser" book question....


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Has anyone read The biggest Loser book? I am reading it now, and of course, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show...

So, did anyone start a Biggest Loser Challenge with their families or friends?
I was just curious if any of you had started one of these challenges.

the book gives ideas on starting your own challenge towards the end of it. (haven't gotten that far into it yet.)
My husband and I started a family challenge on Jan 1...so far...he's gained 4 pounds...I've lost 6 as of today...so I think I'm going to try the Biggest Loser route for a while...I was doing WW.



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BL Book

REB, I am curious about the book. What is the "Biggest Loser route" that you will try rather than WW? Does the book have diet/lifestyle and exercise information? I sort of thought it might be the stories of the people who have been on the show.

Congrats on your 6 pounds! Wow! That is an impressive start!

I am almost "finished" WW...my last week on maintenance ends this week. I hope to stay within 2 pounds on my goal then and become a lifetime member. So my challenge will be to stay within my goal range and I have started weight training to add some muscle as I am pathetically weak. I have been going to the gym for 2 weeks now and I have been weight training every second day. It seems to be ok as the trainer did not set me up with too much at once. I have 8 sets of exercises to do. I imagine that after 8 weeks and we do a progress gauge she might suggest a few more. I really like my gym bc there are many different shaped people who use it, not just tiny perfect people.

Good luck with the BL Challenge...I so love that show!! I look forward to it every Tuesday! Ally


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I also love the show...

I find it very motivational! I always exercise the night it's on (if only I would do it every night). I was wondering if the book would be worth buying. I guess from your suggestion it is. I did WW while in college and lost quite a bit of weight. However, when I started teaching it all came back. Anyone else have that problem?


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Hi, ladies...to answer your questions....

I am reading the book, (since I purchased it last night). there are motivational stories in there from former contestants from season 1, and 2, and tips for keeping the course, spaced throughout the book...and they tell about the calorie intake of people for different sizes, which is pretty helpful, and which foods are best sources, as far as calories, and carbohydrates for vegetables, fruits, and protein, and breads. I did read something about limiting cheese, which will be pretty tough...ugh...I'm a cheese fanatic.
O.K....so here's a run down of the book....
chapter 1 is stories about the contestants, Chapter 2 is all about telling you what the contestants reasons were for wanting to lose weight, and what you will need to begin the journey, Chapter 3 tells the details of the Biggest Loser Diet plan, and how it is broken down, by the food pyramid,Chapter 4 is totally dedicated to showing pictures and and giving details on exercises that you can do, and has a sample plan that you could follow,Chapter 5 is about winning strategies...how to avoid temptations, and tips for overcoming them, from the contestants, Chapter 6 is about starting your own Biggest Loser Challenge...Chapter 7 is about things to work towards after losing the weight, to keep it off, Chapter 8 gives recipes from contestants on the Biggest Loser, and the appendix provides a one week sample meal plan at the 1,200 calorie level, and the 1,800 calorie level...neither of which are in my calorie range...I'm above that calorie intake range for my current weight.

On second thought after reading more of it, I like the winning strategies, because it reminds me of WW, and I like the fact that I can eat whatever I want with WW, so I'm not so sure I'm ready to commit to Biggest Loser Diet. I'm still sticking to my points plan, and I guess I'm just a WW junkie..lol. I do like the book so far though, and I will read more, so I can get a better idea, to see if this is more for me, but right now, since WW is working, I think I'm going to stick to what works, and keeping counting points, and maybe apply some of the things from the Biggest Loser Diet as well, such as keeping a food journal (does this sound like another tip from WW?????), and keeping track of activity levels...
and finding an "anchor", to remind me to stick to my goals.
in so many ways this reminded me of WW, the only difference is there ARE foods that are more suggested than others, unlike with WW, where you can eat THE GOOD STUFF as long as you count your points.

Plus, at this point, since I'm learning to walk again, without a cane, and still walk with a limp, I haven't started back to a gym yet, so I'm not in a steady workout regimine yet, but I'm still losing with WW, because I'm making more effort to walk, instead of sit, and drinking more water, and less soda. (I had half of a regular soda today...was my first one in a week, and I counted my points, so I did good.)
Well, thought I would share my opinion of the book. :)

Plus, I think Bob is a hottie, so I didn't mind reading it at all. (My husband was rolling his eyes...constantly...but he likes the show.)
The tattoos are kinda much, but other than that, he's cute.


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biggest loser challenge

I got together with some of my colleagues towards the end of the summer, after I had been doing South Beach for a few weeks. There was lots of talk about weight loss and exercise, and how we should work together as a group to motivate ourselves. We started a Biggest Loser Challenge at the beginning of the school year. We weigh in once a week (paying for the privilege) and anyone who wants to works out twice a week after school. It has been good for us. We just got the Biggest Loser Workout DVD and it is great!! I can see how the contestants lost big pounds! At the end of the year, the biggest loser gets 1/2 of the money and the other half goes to a charity we support. Everybody wins!



Reb, I read your take on the biggest loser book. I'm with you I think weight watchers works the best, I had lost 60 pounds on it 2 years ago. unfortunately I put it back on. I had a few things going on I had a heart opperation, (the same as Teddy Bruschi), I also have arthitis in my hips and waiting for a double hip replacment. Two years ago I was walking 5 miles a day and doing water aerobics lost the weight feeling great. Then my hips went out, It is so hard to get motivative to be on a diet without excercising. Since then I have put all the wieght back on plus some, I hate it. Anyways I love to watch the bigggest loser show, I always cry right along with then, but I feel so happy for them when they start to see results. I was just thinking of buying the bool may be that will get me motivated. Thanks Donna