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The Hobbit



Help! I have a third grader who wants to read The Hobbit. I am sure he is capable. But is the content appropriate for a third grader. I'm concerned and I don't have time to read the whole book. Has anyone read it?


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I would suspect that the child is interested in the Hobbit because the parents probably let the child see the Lord of the Rings movie or there is actually an animated "Hobbit" movie. I would simply ask the parents if they wanted their child to read this book. There are much better choices out there for a third grader. There is some violence, but so tame compared to what some parents allow their children to be exposed to these days.

My concern about the child reading this book would be the fact that the concepts were out of their level of comprehension and therefore wasting time reading such a book, rather than something more at their level of understanding.


I agree

If the parent gives permission for the boy to read the book then I wouldn't stop him. Neither would I encourage him either. It might be that he'll begin reading and then get discouraged on his own or maybe lose interest. Some aspects of this book are simply at a too high level for a third grader.


The Hobbit


There is nothing inappropriate for a 3rd grader in The Hobbit. What a third grader would get out of the book would depend on his/her reading ability and intellectual development. I have read it to my own children at that age and to my class of 4th - 6th graders.



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ogteacher is correct

I don't think there's anything in The Hobbit that is inappropriate for a 3rd grader to read. I simply think it's kind of a complicated read what with the lengthy poems and keeping up with all the characters. Surely there are special small fry that are up to the challenge of reading this novel. I just wouldn't recommend it for this age group when there are plenty of books written in the comfort zone for young readers.