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The joys of homeownership - dead raccoon in the yard.


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I went out to a school event this afternoon and when I came home I went to my back yard to bring in the laundry. There was a dead raccoon in my yard. I didn't see him when I put the laundry out this morning, so it is possible that he died in the afternoon. My town is having a problem with rabid raccoons so I went on the town website to see what to do. I ran out to CVS and got rubber gloves, picked him up and double bagged him and put him in the trash can. Now I have to call on Monday so they can come get him to test for rabies. This is one of the rare occasions where I wished I had a landlord who would come and pick up the dead raccoon from my backyard. The joys of homeownership.


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I admire you! Since DH fell ill, the house falls to me. I hate it. You're braver than me because you touched it (even with gloves). I've had to clean up mice in traps twice (one was still alive, awful!) and both times I invented complicated systems with brooms and dustpans and plastic bags. You win!


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I called animal control to get a dead squirrel out of my yard. They told me to bag it up and put it in the garbage. This was on a Monday in July. My garbage gets picked up on Friday. I would have had them take the entire can and bought a new one. I told Animal Control I would not touch an animal that I had seen crawling around very sick and that I had thrown a towel over it, but they needed to come retrieve it. They did. I then went out and poured detergent on the grass and hosed it down.


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I have learned that animal control will come get dead animals. If you tell them where it is, you don't even have to be home.

At this point, I'm pretty sure they don't even need Garmin to get to my house. :rolleyes: I told the guy during his first trip I had 2 greyhounds and I'd be a frequent customer. I don't think he believed me. <!--eyebrow-->LOL


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I had the same problem with a skunk that has been dead for a while. No way was that sitting in my trash for 4 days.


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Joys of home ownership

When we first moved in I started renovating the yard. At one point I found a rolled up carpet with bones in it. Humane society wouldn't come get it until I identified what was in it. Nope. When hubby got home it was his job to dig it up and put it in garbage can. To this day, I don't know what was rolled up in that carpet.