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The Mitten ideas


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Hi - I'm looking for ideas to use with Jan Brett's The Mitten. Have you used anything that has worked particularly well? I'd like to intergrate math as well. Thanks.


art activitiy

Just made some mittens for my bulletin board decor. I had traced the children's "hands" (to make the outline for a mitten). They cut them out, I attached them by adding a hole and yarn. They picked their favorite color and then decorated with Colored Glue. They came out really unique.


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Math Idea

I did The Mitten before winter break, and the other kindergarten teacher I work with gave me a good idea. We found mitten outlines and wrote the numbers 0-20 on them and copied a set for each child. Then they mixed up the cards and picked one at a time, and used unifix cubes to model the number they chose (so they made a stack of 5 cubes if they drew the number 5, etc.). It went really well, I think if I did it again though I'd have them work in partners (less cards to have them make and some have trouble modeling the higher numbers). I also made Ellesen (might not be spelled right) press mitten shapes, and we wrote "left" on one mitten and "right" on another mitten (with the thumbs facing the direction actual hands would) and attached them together with a string. Then I gave directions like raise your right mitten, put your left mitten on your shoulder, etc. We also sequenced the order the animals came out of the mitten with pictures and then wrote the name of each animal next to it.


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We are reading The Mitten next week. I cut 2 mittens which they will lace up and write the title of the book on. Then I sketched pictures of the animals mentioned in the story on small mitten shapes. similar to the pictures on the side of each page in her book. I make a copy of this sheet for each student and then we work on recalling sequencing by placing the animals into the mitten in the order they appeared in the story as they retell the story.
In math we are woring on symmetrical shapes so we also decorate a pair of mittens as a mirror image or symmetrical pair.


We did The Mitten this past week. We read 2 different versions and compared/contrasted them. Then I gave them cards with a picture of an animal on it. I had a small receiving blanket on the floor for them to crawl in to(pretending it was the mitten), each animal crawled in one by one. Meanwhile I was blowing up a balloon when each animal went in. When the bear sneezed the balloon went flying. The kids loved this. Sorry I didn't incorporate math into the activity but the ideas above sound great.
Best of luck!


find the missing numbers

I laminated four mittens with four consecutive numbers and one number missing (i.e. 3, 4, __, 6). I made enough for each student to have one set. The students order the numbers. They identify the smallest and the largest number and then write the missing number on the mitten with a white board marker. I then had them switch their set of mittens with a partner. I put a different pattern on each mitten (so if they got mixed up I can easily identify the correct set). I put them in the math center for practice.



If you're looking for math ideas, you can also use mittens to teach counting by 2, and odd/even numbers as well as symmetry and Left/ Right. I found a line master in a Mailbox magazine of a row of kittens (lost their mittens) and a row of mittens. As we return the missing mittens to their paws, I can teach "odd" is when one of the kittens only has one mitten, "even" is each time a kitten gets both his mittens. Put mittens on your kids hands (and a sticker with L for left) to do the "Hokey Pokey" and teach the song "Thumbs in the thumb place".