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The most obese cities in America



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Usually Dallas or Fort Worth is one of the top 5. I am sure we are definitely one of the top 50. Me sitting here on my compy is probably now helping our stats any! Must work out...:D


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Very interesting. I was surprised that so many southern and warm weather cities made the list. I am in Pittsburgh, where the weather mostly sucks. We can hide under bulky sweaters and coats half the year. I know that every April people get on a kick to be ready for shorts and swimming. I had expected more northern states.
I guess that means I will stick out in the crowd!


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We're at number 5-- Detroit and it's surrounding areas. Not much of a surprise, we're always on those lists. Usually we're higher up.


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I heard somewhere that Michigan was rated one of the most out-of-shape states in the U.S. Don't know where I heard that...but I believe it....I definitely am out of shape. :p


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I was surprised too about a lot of southern states. I figured coming from Northern states where we get stuck inside in the winter we would have had more.


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I'm shocked that New Orleans is ranked 13th (and tied with Baltimore!). I thought New Orleans, the city famous for fried foods, is not in the top 5! Interesting...


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I just got back from NYC and noticed that the only overweight people I saw were from out of town. I actually had cheesecake every night for a week and lost 5 pounds because I walked 20 miles a day (no lie). I have finally found the city that I can eat what I want and still lose weight. Now, if I could only afford to live there it would be perfect.