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theme:life under the sea



I am a new teacher for grade 3. There is a theme given to each class and for mine its 'life under the sea'. Could you help me with some ideas for my class room decor based on this theme. thnx.
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In my second grade classroom last year, my students made a giant mural of blue water on white roll out paper (roughly 5 feet long by 3 feet high). They created it by using a blue do-a-dot paint marker one hundred times each (math connection!). When the paint was dry, they created individual fish with blank writing lines preprinted on each. Here's our literacy connection: we read Leo Lionni's wonderful tale, "Swimmy," which features a message of cooperation. My student's response to literature was to write inside their fish how the class could work together to improve our school. Just an combo of ideas...hope this helps you.


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How about a bullentin board with the words:
"I "sea" great students. Then put up the kids work and place different seashells or fish around the board.

Another idea is to put the words:

It's great to be in school. (since fish travel in schools)
Put up pictures fishand write each student's name on one.

Last idea:
Dive into a book-

Hope this helps. :)


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I know a teacher who has her groups labled as Nemo characters (Nemo, Dory, Squirt, etc). She even has a Nemo hat that she wears durring reading groups so that the kids know not to come to her unless it is an emergancy.