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For those of you still teaching themes...what are your themes for the next few weeks???? With St. Patrick's Day and Easter...just trying to plan out the next few weeks!


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I do a huge Spring unit. St. Patrick's Day, yes, Easter, no. I have a nutrition unit coming up, an ogre unit for April's poetry month based on Jack Prelutsky's Awful Ogre's Awful Day, Ain't Gonna Paint No More, and then the final big project is having the kids write, edit, illustrate and then read their autobiographies at an Author's Night.

We have several caterpillars in cocoons we are waiting to see become moths and I just began vermicomposting. The composting goes with Earth Day.


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We are doing an author study of Dr. Seuss all month, so will be finishing that with some of my favorite art and writing projects. We'll do St. Patrick's Day just on the 17th. We also started our life science unit which will take us almost to the end with life cycles, plants, habitats, etc. We'll focus a lot on butterflies and of course have some in the classroom to observe. After spring break we'll do an Eric Carle author study (my favorite!) as well.


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Here's a few things we will be doing

We are going to do a big Spring/plants/flowers/butterflies theme which will lead into a Mother's Day Theme. We are also going to do a Community Helpers Theme/ maps and finish that off with a field trip to a place called "Pretend City". We will use "When I Grow Up... " at their K graduatation. It all ties together in one way or another. One last thing, our school has an "art walk" in June and each class has to display 8-10 pieces of (whole class) projects, so I am going to be doing a lot of abstract type projects in April and May for that.