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There's has to be a better way



I thought when the district moved to online applications the hiring process would have gotten better but it isn't any different.

We now fill out an online application. We can put down 6 schools that will be notified that we are interested in opening there if one comes available. Principals are required to post openings on the webpage. Applicants check the postings then go back to their application and add them to the list of positions they are applying for.

There are over 40 schools in our district. I taught in the district for 8 yrs and am now returning after staying home with the kids. I am holding out for a position closer to home instead of having to drive 45 minutes to my job. There are many schools withing 15 minutes of my house. I keep checking the postings and adding the positions I'm interested in to my application.

On Thursday 9 positions were posted that I would like to be considered for. I added them to my list. There was no school on Fri or Mon. So Tues. morning I visited and handed out my resume to the principals at those schools. By Tues afternoon 4 of the positions were off the posting list. I was in shock. If the postings went up on Thurs., no school Fri. or Mon., how could they have gotten a list of applicants, interviewed and hired people by Tues.? I called the school board and asked. It seems that principals have to post all openings even if a teacher from another grade is filling it. So, if a 3rd grade teacher is leaving and they are losing a 1st grade position, the 1st grade teacher can take the 3rd grade position but the principal still has to post it.

So, I'm applying, visiting schools, handing out resumes for positions that don't really exist. Ahhhh!!


In the same boat

I am kind of in the same boat. I have eight years experience, but I have moved to a different state and have stayed home with my children for four years. I want to go back to teaching, but I want a position close to home so I am not spending so much time on the road. Last year, I interviewed the 2-3 weeks before school started and was offered a position. I ended up turning it down because I realized it wasn't where I wanted to teach.

I would love to have a position offered early so I can prepare my children for the change, and also prepare mentally for the change. I haven't had the same experience as far as postings being taken down so quickly, but I really don't know how to get an interview at the district I want to teach in.

I am sympathizing with you and good luck!! It is still early; I think you are ahead of the game.



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what about phony interviews?

Just be glad you haven't wasted your time in "phony" interviews. I've had several. (Some districts are required also to show they've interviewed people) I just got back from my first "real" interview in a long time. I can detect the difference now: in the phony ones, they just go thru their laundry list of questions and don't bother to ask you to elaborate etc. They're writing your responses down and moving on without listening. Today, they actually said, "no, but how do you...." when I didn't answer their question or they wanted me to be more specific. I'm just happy to have had a "real" interview! I can't tell you the amount of stress and time I've put into interviewing. It's sooooo draining. If teachers w/jobs only knew, they'd kiss the classroom floor they're privileged to occupy! Ahhhhhhhhh is right!


I've had those too

after 2 yrs of teaching, I was reassigned. I went for an interview and the principal spent about 5 minutes with me before his phone rang. He then spent another 10 minutes making fishing trip plans. I didn't know what to do while he sat and talked to his buddy on the phone. Once he got off, he told me he really didn't have any positions available. He did have 2 opening but he was planning on hiring the supply teacher that were currently in those positions. As a contracted employee on reassignment I had to be placed before anybody else. I wasn't going to argue with him.

Then I interviewed at an excellent school. It was for a 5th grade position. I never heard anything from them. That summer I met a teacher from there and she said they were losing a 4th grade teacher but interviewing for the 5th grade job. Of course the 4th grade teacher was just going to move up to the opened position. The staff couldn't understand why the principal was interviewing anybody.