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They’re moving DS


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Last week before break, DS’s teacher sent me a message asking to meet the week after break to discuss “something she wanted my input on.”

I really hate those messages. LOL That being said, I had some guesses as to what she wanted to discuss. DH still remembers how his last school treated him/us at the end and he immediately asked, “Are they going to kick him out!?” 🤦🏼‍♀️ I was pretty confident that wasn’t it but thanks for putting the idea in my head, dear!

Anyway, I walked into a meeting yesterday with his teacher and three other staff members I was not expecting …. well, that’s never good.

Long story, long they want to move DS to their other elementary class.

Here’s the reasoning:
  • His current class is maxed out at 6 kids. It’s a lot of people in and out and they suspect sometimes DS gets overwhelmed by all the people in the room.
  • The new class has 3 kids since one just moved.
  • In his current class, he is the most verbal. The rest of the class is pretty much completely non-verbal.
  • His new class is quite verbal. <!--giggle-->
  • There was mention of a different placement this summer after he was grouped with these children for summer session and his language development exploded.
  • His language has definitely decreased since the school started and we all believe it’s due, in large part, to being with non-verbal peers. DS tends to raise to the standard around him, if that makes sense.
  • Since his current class is at capacity and the other students in the class tend to have higher needs than DS (don’t get me wrong, he has his days), he’s often “left to his own devices” so to speak. His current teacher really feels like he can and should be pushed more…and I completely agree. He’s smart, he loves to learn, and if he’s bored (I hate that term) then he has more behaviors.
  • The new teacher has been in to observe him, thinks he’s great, and would be a great addition to her class. ( …..oh honey, please write that down because you may regret saying it. 😬)
  • He would go from being the oldest in his class to the same or younger than his peers in his new class.
  • He plays with his new peers during recess so he’s not walking into a class of completely new people.
  • Most of his behavior seem to be triggered by peer corrections. For whatever reason, his friends getting “in trouble” sets him off. These corrections would greatly decrease in the new class.
  • My biggest concern was him losing “his people.” My child gets very attached to his people. For example, his favorite aide was out one day and he quite literally had a meltdown because “Miss H wasn’t Miss B.” 🤷🏼‍♀️ They assured me that his people, except for his teacher who he also loves, go with him wherever he moves. His therapists also remain the same. It’s a small school so he will still get to see his current teacher even if he’s not in her class.
After listening to their reasoning, how they’re going to slowly transition him, and after talking with DH, I really think this will be a better situation for him.

Cross everything that this is the “right” decision.

(Gratuitous derp photo) log in to see attachments Also, Swift is clearly distraught by this development.


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It does sound like it will be a good move for him. I hope the transition goes smoothly and he thrives in the new class!


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It sounds like a well-thought out move for your son—not just one based on numbers or balancing caseloads. Also, so great that he already has a connection with other students in his new class.

Then there’s Sweet Swift ❣️


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This sounds like a well reasoned move for you son. It's great to see educators giving so much thought to the best learning environments students.


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It sounds like a well thought out, solid plan with your son’s best interest in mind. Change can be scary but this seems like a good change. Please keep us updated. We’re rooting for you all!

Also, I’d be willing to rent Swift for boops and cuddles 🥰 🤣


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It sounds like little Hokie is in very good hands, and their plan is a sound one. I think it’s going to be a very positive move for him!


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The verbal issue sounds like a major win for your son. I would jump on this opportunity for your child! Sounds great!


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It sounds they have really thought this through and have little hokie's best interest at heart.
Fingers crossed everything goes well. Please keep us posted.
I love the picture of Swift.


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That sounds like a very good meeting to me. He is being offered his best fit for class. I hope he becomes excited in a happy way for the new class. I hope you are relieved. (((hug)))


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It sounds like a great move especially to continue to develop his language skills. What a caring environment for him.


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I wish the best for your son and his new placement. It sounds like a good plan for him that will help him to grow and thrive. Sending warm thoughts your way for success!