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Things that make you go hmmmm - dress code


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At one of the schools I sub teach at they have a very strict dress code. The students have to wear solid color shirts and blue or black pants. No logos on anything is allowed (clothes and backpacks).

What makes me laugh is the students who wear necklaces on the outside of their shirts. Most are are big medallion gold crosses. Some are small necklaces with pics of their favorite rap star.

These students are boys in 3rd to 6th grade.

I wonder if sometimes these necklaces are worn for the "bling-bling" and not the religious symbol it represents.

I've wanted to ask the boys to remove it because of safety reasons but I fear that it might bring up a a different can of worms.

Any thoughts???


I agree with you - most kids wear those for the "bling-bling" but I'm sure some parents might try to say otherwise. All the kdis I have known to wear the big gold crosses are definitely not from religious families. They just think it is cool. The kids whose families are religious tend to wear smaller, less noticeable crosses.

I think if you ask them to remove it for safety reasons no one could really put up much argument. That isn't really safe to run around with outside. I've also had kids in my room take them off because they play with them too much and it gets distracting for them and others.



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As a sub you sometimes have to tread lightly. I would check with the principal on the safest approach. What they are wearing sounds like it goes against the dress code 'in principle', avoiding distracting articals of clothing etc. But the religious line can be a tricky one.


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Ask principal first

Follow the policy that the principal tells you to. All teachers should be consistent...it shouldn't be just you enforcing the policy.

Several years ago that bling stuff was all the rage in my classes. I overheard many boys telling each other, "My mom would kill me if she knew I was wearing this!" They were sneaking and putting it on after they left the house in the morning. (much like makeup with girls). :p