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Thinking about Substituting


New Member
Hello All! I was thinking about applying to become a substitute teacher in the county to help get more experience (in addition to my field placements) before I graduate and have my own classroom. Does anyone have any experience subbing and would you recommend it for a future teacher?


Senior Member

In our state, you must have at least a four year degree to sub. If your state allows it, it could be valuable to see which grade levels "fit". Also, just to see everything that is involved in teaching could be eye-opening.


New Member
I would definitely recommend it! The process to become a substitute does not take that long and it is worth it. I suggest subbing in a county where you think you would like to work in. You gain experience from different grade levels at multiple schools. In addition, you can compare the curriculum between the different schools and have the opportunity to really test your behavior management skills! Overall, the experience will boost your confidence being in front of the classroom for your future teaching!