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Thinking Mackinac Island this summer

cdg-1st grade

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I'm thinking about having the family visit Mackinac Island and Macinaw City area this summer. Can anyone give me suggestions on where to stay, etc? I know that there's quite a bit to see, & I'm sure that I can "pick & choose" many things to see & do from travel magazines, but I'm not sure about where to stay. You can't really tell by looking at pictures in a magazine :)
I'm looking for something reasonably priced that would accomodate my hubby, myself and my older teen son & early 20's daughter, so we're not looking for one of those "kid friendly" places that caters to young familes. Thanks for the help!


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We have stayed both on the island and in Mackinaw City (where the ferries depart). We stayed at the Mission Point resort on the island. It use to be a school and they renovated it to be suites. It had two baths and two bedrooms. They have an secluded pool area and are minutes from Arch rock. They have carriage rides available into the town, but it is an easy walk. The grounds are breathtaking and many weddings take place on the front yard. The standard Hampton Inn is in the city. You could include a trip to Harbor Springs and Petoskey. Boyne has two nice resorts that offer all kinds of activities. Have a good time and book early. There are a lot of hotels in the town, but I imagine they are pretty noisy as there are lots of bars on Main St.


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Northern Michigan, it's an island between the Lower and Upper Peninsulas that you access from the Upper Peninsula after you cross the Mackinac Bridge.


I haven't been there in several years, but I like St. Ignace (just across the bridge). There are a lot of motels/hotels there with a wide variety of prices.

In addition to the island, we've enjoyed going to Tahquamenon Falls (perhaps an hour? away) and Sault Ste. Marie (going through the locks). There is also a great state park near Mackinaw City--I can't remember the name, but it has a historic sawmill.

Have a nice trip!