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Third Grade Collaboration



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I was just promoted to third grade lead teacher. Our school has gone through tremendous change this past year & have some what become bitter. I want to make things as positive as possible. What are some things you guys have experienced that have helped your grade levels merge together to support one another & maybe a positive activity that has helped your grade level....


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Does each teacher take a subject and plan the lessons for it, then share with the others? I never thought I'd like that, but we've done it for several years now and not only do I LOVE it, but our scores are great!

This is what we do:
Teacher 1 - plans reading
Teacher 2 - plans language
Teacher 3 - plans math
Teacher 4 - plans science/social studies (because they alternate the 2 subjects every 2 weeks)

We pull any worksheets, then give them to one teacher (I volunteered) and she scans them and puts them in a folder for all to see. That way we can all access them for our Interwrite board. Then we put the worksheets in a container for a PTO mom or room mom to make copies for everyone.

That has really grown us closer because we totally trust each other to meet all the objectives when planning.

We also get together outside of school to have drinks, dinner/movie, etc… as we can work around everyone's schedule.

I'm not sure how much that helps you, but we really do have a great team. :)


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We do centers for Reading, Math, & Science so yes we do each have our part or at least should have our part. We are working towards total collaboration...It does help to have that support. This is the first year we have integrated centers & I can't wait to see the scores! I think that will be the final buy in for some teachers..... I like getting together outside of school, that's a great idea :) Are you a small school? We have 10 + teachers just in third grade!


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on being named lead teacher. I hope it works well for you.
I have no advice for you - just congratulations<!--balloons-->
My 3rd grade group; well, we are just all tooooo different to plan together. We stay on the same topics for the most part. There is a GoogleDoc account that we load things into.

SusanTeach - wow - good for you!:)


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We collaborate and discuss scoring and standards and interventions but we don't plan for each other. We simply teach so differently I'm not sure it could work. It would be great if it would.


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Wow - 10 teacher per grade?! We only have 4-5 in each grade, and I thought that was typical size school. :)

Having gatherings for coffee/snacks over the summer is also nice because we can talk through the whole year - themes, etc…


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I am starting at a new school this year, and we do something a long this lines. The only differece is we only teach on subject. I teach math to 3/4 grade. This is the only subject I teach. Do you have any suggestions for first day of school activities for a math class? :rolleyes: