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Third Grade Reading-Anthology vs Novels



What have you found to be the most effective reading program for your third graders? If you use novels, how do you incorporate vocabulary development, skill development, etc. into your teaching?

Thanks for your input!



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I Use an Anthology

I'm required to use the anthology. I find the anthology approach easier if the anthology has planned out the skills and allows for supplementation from the teacher. I'm required to use book reports and free reading rather than other methods of using trade books.

When I've supplemented the anthology with a trade book, I would list skills that are normally taught and create a written activity to practice or use that skill.

For my questions, I have found it helpful for the students to generate questions. I would ask as student, "Ask a question starting with the word {who, what, when, where, why, how, etc.}."

The Internet is a valuable tool for locating author information or setting information.

Another good way to use trade books in the classroom I've started using this year, for each science and social studies unit, I photocopy a list of student generated questions they'd like to learn about the unit. At the end of the unit, I set aside one day for students to share any research they've done to answer any of these questions.