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This "freacks" me out!


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Yesterday, our guidance counselor came to me because he was investigating a problem involving two of my students.

One of my boys (let's call him John) had given him a note that he said he got from another boy in another class. (David) John told the guidance counselor that David had given him the note at recess.

The note said something like this:

To John and Jane:

Do you want to freack with me?
John, I know you like Jane, but let's do it anyway.

Signed David.

Okay, John and Jane are in my class, but they're not the culprits so I figured I'd let the guidance counselor investigate. 5 minutes later, he comes back. David's handwriting is so totally different that it is obvious he is not the writer of the note. So the guidance counselor asks me if I recognize the handwriting. Well, now that I look closely, it looks like John's handwriting! In fact, now that I look at that misspelled word "freack," I remember that John had used that very word in his last essay (in his writing folder) and I had corrected the originally misspelled freck in his editing, and when he wrote the final, he had just changed his misspelling. So I pulled out the writing portfolio, handed the essay to the guidance counselor and off they go. ISS all afternoon.

He was so busted. What was he thinking?

By the way, what would a third grader do if someone did want to "freak" with him?