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This is Eating Me Up

Co-Worker Issue 


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We have 3 sections of 3rd graders. One class was down quite a bit of students. Our principal told us to just move kids around.
Room 1- 21 students
Room 2- 24 students
Room 3- 25 students

The teacher who has the low count came into my room and told me exactly who she wanted. The second grade teacher was in my room and said she was the highest students in that entire grade. That teacher doesn't have a relationship with the child she just wanted to her because she is a high student. I found this to be annoying. Then I felt pressured to pick a boy and just gave her one. I realized later he was only way above male in academics.

This teacher goes into the other room. The other teacher had a different situation going on. She is going to be gone that first week so had to send out email to all parents welcoming them to her classroom and talk about how she is gone (parents in the other rooms haven't found out their students teacher). She said she could have the one child that the email didn't go through. The one child who didn't have an email was her highest student. The teacher with the low count said- "Oh, I can't take your highest that is rude." That is EXACTLY what she did to me though. She took my highest overall student. I felt she thought because we are friends she can do that to me, but not the other teacher. I'm also frustrated I gave over another high student. I want to just move past it all. Does anyone else think is rude?
The most disgusting part- when did teaching be so much about scores? We are pressured so hard at our school for good grades. This is the part that breaks my heart. I should want the students that I can make more of an impact on in terms of academics. I should want to be challenged. I shouldn't want certain students based on any scores.

Can anyone relate to be on this? I am annoyned with the other teacher and myself for letting it bother me/caring so much about scores. This the longest post I've ever written.


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I would be annoyed too. Your principal should have adjusted the list that way there are no hard feelings.


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I would be super annoyed. We are allowed to choose students who get moved when we are over class size. However, we always do it fairly. In Florida we have a class size amendment so can only have a specific number of students based on grade level.

Also.... my principal would never move that few an amount of students to even out classes. We would just give any new enrollments to the teacher at 21. I’m at a big school with a pretty high movement rate, we have 10 third grade teachers this year.


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Different thought

A different perspective: I would consider taking the class with 25 students as is. It would assure me that any new students would not be put in my class. The next 5 students enrolled would be assigned to the other two teachers. My district consistently gets move ins. It's a lot of extra work when you get a new student. I'd let my co workers deal with that.


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Honest Opinion

I have run into teachers like that everywhere! They will do ANYTHING, including stabbing you in the back all the time, just to make themselves look good. Instead of being resentful, DO NOT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN!! That's the only way to stop this behavior. Say NO, or let's check-in with the principal BEFORE we stop moving kids around. Just my two cents. Bottom line, stand up for yourself, or you will always be someones doormat!!

apple annie

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Mugs, I'm in total agreement with you. Take what you have and be glad your u won't be getting the transient kids that come in after Labor Day. All that moving around is going to be for nothing, because you will all end up with 25 kids anyway.

Also, if the moving had to happen it was the principal's job to make those decisions. She/he should not have put you all in that position.


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I also agree with Mugs unless you have class size averages as your cap, then all the new kids go to your "friend's" class.


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I also insist on keeping all of the kids once they are on my list because of what others have mentioned. It is sometimes difficult to transition new ones into your room and having a full class on day one lessens the load for later.


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I agree with you all I wish I could have kept them. Once they are on my list I feel like they are my kids. It us really hard to let any go. My principal said it would be fair to move because it wouldn't be okay for her to get all of the new kids.

I am still shocked how it all happened. I have certainly learned from this. The kids are already moved, but nothing like this will happen again!

I am having such a hard time getting over this though. I am not feeling back to school ready. I am down tight exhausted. I feel terrible that I didn't stand up for myself more and now lists are set. Ugh!!