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Those of you also born in the 1900s who are still teaching...



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I have been forced to sit most of the summer away and I am really worried about the boy exhaustion! I usually hike and bike my summer away, so this will be killer!

I am walking around with only one crutch now and have tried to be a bit more active for the last week. I am afraid though that hobbling around my house for a week isn’t going to be much help! Plus my brace is so hot and sweaty after a little bit of movement…

This year is going to be tough!


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Timely post. I lifted a box of classroom stuff out of my van yesterday, and my back was done. Thankfully, it has been better today. I'm not as young as I used to be.


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That does make me feel old!
Yes, be prepared because teachers are also the movers and custodians...along with every other role you can list.


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Haha yup…1981… I guess I’m old. LOL

I totally did a double take when I read your title and then was like, “yup, 1900’s, that’s me”. :eek:

And for the record I pulled my neck while sleeping recently :rolleyes:


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I am not able to hike on our yearly vacation this year because dumb me moved some very heavy furniture by myself and totally killed my back. I knew it was stupid when I was doing it, and yet I needed it to get done so... I'm totally paying for it, and praying it's better by the beginning of the school year!


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People who are 23 were also born in the 1900s stop making it sound like is it an anachronism.

But yes-I need advil. My hip is really acting up-and that is not a joke :D


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Back AND neck. And knee.

I’m in my 40’s and the heaviest I’ve been non-pregnant. I’m also the most active (4-5 cardio classes plus 2 mile walk) I’ve been in 20 years. :confused: I’m putting up paper on my walls so I’m tilted backward a lot, measuring and trying to secure the higher pieces (I’m short). My neck hurts!!! Moving my boxes in didn’t injure my back but it didn’t feel good. <!--grumpy--> I met my steps goal in my classroom by 3pm.

The dumbest was trying to sit cross-cross in my chair and I twisted my knee doing it. :rolleyes:


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Big pharma does well by teachers, I think.

Aside from all the Advil and muscle relaxers from setting up classrooms, I think the bigger story might be how many educators 30+ are now having to take blood pressure meds, antidepressants, and antacids. I don’t have the data to hand, but I would bet those numbers have exploded in recent years… which surely says something about the state of education and the conditions of the job…


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:eek::eek::eek: Your post just made me realize that there may be first year teachers at my school this year who were born in 2000. :eek::eek:


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I feel seen

Currently sitting on a heating pad! I'm changing schools so lots of packing and lifting. I'm definitely feeling old!


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Heck, I've resorted

to sabotage--I put 1-2 smallish items in the car each time with another mid-largish package. Everytime we go towards school, I suggest WE stop by with these convenietly packaged items off. If I keep it up, all my heavy lifting will be done by the time school starts.


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My niece was born in Sept, 1999 and is a first year teacher this school year. This is the year the first of the 2000 babies will start teaching so most of us were born in the 1900s - lol.


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One of the best things I did was buy a small ladder for my classroom. I shudder thinking how many times I climbed on furniture (desks, tables, bookshelves) to reach things or put up things. The ladder folds up and is stored discreetly. It’s also light. I’m buying things to make my life safer or easier in the classroom because I’m worth it. PM me if you want to know the one I bought.

Take care everyone!! :)