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The post about weapons got me thinking about threats. I wondered what your admin. does about students who threaten others. I had a student who threatened to kill me several times. He also threatened to kill one of my sweetest girls and threatened to rape her best friend. I went to the principal but she did nothing. One of the parents came to talk to me about it and I explained that my hands were tied. All I could do was time him out or send him to the office. Then he'd just be back in 10 minutes. I suggested the parent speak to the principal. He did and the principal still refused to do anything. 2 yrs later the kid was in JD.


If you are threatened you have every right to file a police report! It has been done in our district. The parent of the child threatened should also file a police report - the police will take it seriously and the paper trail starts on the child. This is very serious and should not be left up to a principal!


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They’re outta here!

Any student who threatens another student or teacher in our district is sent home for at least a day! A threat is a serious event. I’m appalled that you have no support from your district. How horrible for you to be threatened by a student! Teachers deserve a safe teaching environment!


report it and document

The student sounds like he is in for a hard life. I know administration wants to give young kids breaks and hope they learn a lesson by just verbal warnings and light punishments. But I believe this just enables the kids to do whatever it is again and it teaches them to cover their tracks better every time. By the time they are in their late teens and early adulthood, they are pretty good at what they do.

This is a different world. Administration needs to wake up.

Report threats to the police if admin. doesn't want to deal with it. Like a previous poster said, it starts a paper trail. You are helping the person in the long run.

There is a boy at our local high school who makes a habit of going after younger girls. The girls his age know what a jerk he is. He now has at least 3-4 police reports on him. The problem is, he has been preying for a while and the reports only started recently. To me the kid is a threat to young girls, but he knows all the tricks by now. However, if he does something serious enough to get arrested, at least he will have other complaints already in his file.

People do need to take a stand.