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Three Days and I'm nuts.


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In the past 3 school days 3 of my little darlings have gotten themselves suspended. 2 for zero tolerence offences, and 1 for playing action hero in the ceiling (very long story). I'm tired of having the guidence councilor in and out of my room searching for stuff while I'm trying to do mid year assessments. He's a great guy and very supportive. I'm ready to go off the deep end. I've won the booby prize for the class from you know where. They won't give me combat pay, I'm running my class like a reform school (this is a regular ed room). Are dye jobs and massages tax deductible??????


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More to come?

I know you don’t think it’s funny, but my mental picture of a student playing action hero in the ceiling is quite amusing. I am also having one of “those years” with my precious cherubs. Your class, however, sounds like it’s even more challenging than mine. Even so, I may need psychotherapy before the end of the year. Keep us updated during the year. I have a feeling there is more to come!


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Sorry to hear about your rough (to put it mildly) year. Just wondered if your insurance covers chiropractic/massage? Mine does and I get a massage 2 times a month. As of November 05 we can only have 38 visits but it is heaven. I always schedule on Friday so my weekend is more relaxed even though I spend my entire Saturday with lesson planning and part of Sunday.

I have to agree with the other poster, my visual of the kid playing action hero did cause me to chuckle. I know it is serious. Sorry

My year is also a year from H e double hockey sticks. I have counted every day that we have off and I have it highlighted on a big calendar so I can get through another week.