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Three Little Pigs

Language Arts | Writing 


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Help! I need to come up with writing plans for either "The Three Little Pigs" or "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs."

Honestly, I'm lost. Personally, I don't like prompted, sentence starter or 'finish the sentence' writing and I prefer free writing. My co-teacher, however, wants writing plans.

I was thinking about possible doing:

day 1: sequencing the Three little pigs (early stage writing?)
day 2: Labeling the sequence
day 3: first, next, last writing modeling the three little pigs. Then students create their own sequenced story.

Thoughts? Does anyone have a good way to format this in an actual nice looking lesson plan?


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I wish I could help. My team and I did a “pig” unit last week. I went with the open ended writing.
Does it have to be one of these stories? My kids most enjoyed doing a directed drawing of a pig and then writing 3 sentences about pigs. Next day we did a video and 3 facts about pigs.

Good luck...


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3 pigs

What is the purpose of the lesson? Or does other teacher just want to use that book?

A fun writing activity is to have them write their own version of the story:

Three little fishes and big bad shark
Three Little ducks and big bad wolf
Three little kids and big bad witch
Three little gingerbread men and big bad fox

You’d be surprised at their ingenuity.


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No point

Really, other teacher just wants writing to go along with the Three Little Pigs. Couldn't tell you why it's so important, but I'll pick my battles.

I ended up going with this idea + sequencing so we could at least hit a reading standard in there. Calling it good! I'll do my own writing with my door closed, like usual <!--giggle-->