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Time Lesson


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In the upcoming weeks I am expected to teach an introductory lesson on time to my first graders. This math class is the lowest of the group and includes several students on IEP's. I was wondering if anybody knew of any fun, interactive activities that are easily adaptable to include all students. >>During this lesson I need to address the typical time vocabulary along with teaching them to read time to the hour.<<


Sequencing and Ordering

wow, in an introductory lesson i'd never try and teach them to read the hour! when first introducing time we do lots of activities about sequencing and placing events in the right time - i.,e having breakfast in the morning, playing at school at lunchtime, dinner and bed at night. You can use time vocab here really easily and its just an easier way to ease them into it.
Mind you im in Australia so I dont know if our Yr 1 is younger than yours? Ours are 5 years old.



To introduce time, you can read eric Carle The Grouchy Ladybug. Which is all about time to the hour. You can display a large clock and change the tie to go laong with the book... also you can make a list of all the things the kids know about time. They usually don't think about seasons, months, days or weeks.