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How do others keep track of time in their schools? One school that I taught at used a computer program to show an atomic analog clock on every tv in the school and everyone went by the same time. The program was run from our media center. I am trying to suggest that at the school I am at now.......we are having trouble with special areas thinking we are late, early, whatever........

Any other ideas?????


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Might you have anything like this?

The phones in our classrooms/staffroom/gym/etc are somehow connected to the bell system in the office. If anyone wants to set their classroom analog clock or wristwatch to the exact school time, they just have to look at the phone display. Likewise, they can go to the office (where we pick up mail twice a day)and see the time on the box that holds the bell system.


Atomic Clock

Our school principal purchased an Atomic Analog Clock. It receives the accurate time from Ft. Collins, CO. He had it hung in the cafeteria, and all teachers were invited to set their clocks against it, checking it periodically throughout the year. It worked for our Elementary...


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Our school too has a phone/clock system. We have a clock set to the time too. I am often late for lunch because I forget to look at the time. Perhaps an alarm clock would be best.


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Our classrooms have phones and they are connected to the bell system and also keep time. If we want to make sure of the correct time we just look at our phone. Also, on occassion our morning announcements will announce the correct time just to make sure that the wall clocks all say the correct time.


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Invest in the clocks!

We have atomic wall clocks located in each of our classrooms and it has saved the relationship between the classroom teachers and the specialists. Before we had the atomic clocks there were hurt feelings and accusations concerning late arrivals and early dismissals. Until I read you post I had forgotten just how much of a mess we had. Get the clocks! Your school will operate much better.


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at the beginning of the year, the principal says, "Ok, teachers and staff, it is now 8:20, please set your clocks and watches."

Seriously, and if people start getting late to duty and lunch and P.E. she does it again.


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Great ideas

I suggested the computer atomic clock program to our administration....Now, whether they do anything about it or not is the question. I will be surprised to see something done - they are not the ones who hear the specials teachers complain to us about being too late, too early.......

I liked the idea of the atomic wall clocks in the classrooms - but didn't know if that was too costly......