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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great ideas for my student teacher. We've made her a stool for her classroom, complete with pictures and our thumbprints!

Someone suggested a book of teacher's tips/advice. I've sent an email to everyone at my school and haven't gotten much of a response. SO, would you please post your best tip or advice for a new teacher.

Thanks in advance!


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Here are some

1. Keep the goal in mind - to teach children. Cute bulletin boards are really nice, but your time can be better spent preparing your lessons the first year. Let the children's work cover your boards.

2. Ask for help and keep asking. You will need it and we all know it! Teachers (mostly) love to share their good ideas and wealth of knowledge.

3. Establish a good organization routine and keep it up. Get rid of extra copies.

4. Remember to have some fun! You became a teacher for a reason!


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your best friend is now the secretary and custodian who can make life so much easier for you.

Spend as much time in your classroom during the summer as you can so that those fall workshop days aren't needed for classroom work because somehow that just doesn't happen.

Make a little medicine bag for yourself - asprin, bandaids, lip balm and sanitary needs to keep in your desk.


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kidsareme- I finally figured out the extra copies, and I second that. 4 years in I have kept everything because I'm afraid I'll need it or it might be an original. I'm purging now.

Mark your originals with a yellow highlighter (It won't show up on the copies.) or by cutting off the corner. That way you always know what extra copies can be pitched and what needs to be filed.


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Don't be afraid to ask for advice and help. If you have a mentor teacher, go to them as well as your team.

Try not to take work home with you. Have one night off a week where you can watch your favourite show, talk to friends, or just relax.

Hope those help!



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Mark your Calendar

1. Mark your calendar frequently with things you look forward to doing with a friend or companion. I plan to attend special events near every report card period that I would never think of missing out on. As a result, the event becomes my reward and celebration for completion of the monumental task at hand. I am always done way ahead of the curve and never feel pressure about report cards. Plus, I have a treat for myself.

2. "Go out and make someone's day."


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Keep a stash of chocolate JUST FOR YOURSELF--Or to share with other teachers when they come and go. Just handing another teacher a piece of chocolate in the middle of the day sometimes makes my day more than eating it myself!


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ask questions

I'm a new teacher this year-and the biggest thing I have learned is to ask tons of questions! I'm in my mentor's room probably everyday asking questions, but I'd rather ask a question than do something wrong!