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tired of children's parties



I am with children 24/7. I love them, but enough is enough. My husband's family has a party for each child on each birthday. THere are 16 parties a year that I am expected to attend, cough up a gift, and look thrilled. This doesn't include the slew of showers(6 this year), weddings(3) and new babies (2)for such close relatives as great step niece, from a foster home. I am tired of the hoopla. We are never invited over unless a gift is required. Plus two house warming. My mother in law acts like the world is ending if I say no thanks to the invite which I often receive the day of the event. Any tips or advice?


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not what you'll want to hear, 'tho...

That's what happens when you get married. You go the family parties with a gritted smile on your face, but what'll happen is when YOU have children and start inviting these people to parties, they'll all be in college or visiting the kids at college and grandma will have passed on and your kids will get scr**ed. Sounds shallow, right? I speak from experience.


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If they are inviting you at the last minute, then you have every right to say no, I have other plans. Such invites are quite rude. If you feel like you should go to the last-minute ones, don't feel obligated to find a gift. They should not be expecting one on short notice.

As for the other stuff-- yup, you should probably go, at least to anything involving your husband's siblings and their kids. My mom's family is HUGE and very close-- she's one of 7 siblings, I'm one of 17 1st cousins. There are a lot of family events with them (although nowhere near as many as when I was little). My dad was an only child and my husband only has one sibling, so their families don't have nearly the glut of events. My dad's used to it by now and my husband is getting there.

We had parties for all of the kids' birthdays, but a lot of our birthdays were clustered together or close to a holiday so that made it easier. The younger cousins did kind of get the shaft-- those of us who are grown now can't always make it to their parties.


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Growing up we had one party per month and celebrated ALL the birthdays in that month together...it was so much fun...then when you turn 12...no more parties!

Good luck,