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Tired teacher playing hookie


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only six days of work and I am already exhausted!!! I feel so bad. I also feel bad for not going to class tonight. I had a bad headache and just need rest. Point blank, I cannot wait to graduate next May. I DON"T WANT TO DO THESE STUPID CLASSES ANYMORE!!! Sorry. They are not stupid. I've learned alot about myself as a teacher researcher. It's just that they are soooooooooooo time consuming, and truthfully, I'd rather put all that time into my teaching and my classroom. I am sick and tired of all the extra busy work. And I'm tired of being tired too.Today was an okay day though, except for the rain and me being so tired. And except for my para who I think is trying to secretly get me fired. I don't really think that, but the things she tries to get away with are insane!!! She's twice my age and it's like I have to tell her what to do like she's one of the kids!!! Okay... I'm through complaining... it's just nice to be able to let it out to those who I can relate to. I don't think anyone around me really even cares!!!


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I am sorry

I am sorry that you are having such a difficult start to your year. Hopefully, things will get better for you. Have you tried writing a note for your para each Monday on what you wish her to do during the week? It makes it easier. I know how difficult it is to have grad classes and teach. Stay in there.......it'll all work out. I am thinking of you.:cool: