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Is it just me, or is anyone else just plain tired? I love my job, but I am just plain tired. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of taking care of other people's children all day long. I'm tired of grading papers, only to be questioned about my judgement and what I do. I'm tired of having to answer to co-workers, administrators, parents, etc. I'm tired of working, period.

I am just so ready to start my own business so the profit is mine. I'm ready to not have to answer to anyone, but my OWN customers. I'm ready to start a family and not have to work anymore. I'm ready to find that imaginary money tree and plant it in my back yard.

What happened to the good ole' days where women were not expected to work outside the home? Oh, yea, I know - the feminist revolution ruined it for us. Now, women don't have a choice anymore because of the cost of living in the world being based off dual incomes families. The feminist revolution began the breakdown of the family structure. They ruined the idea of having a clean house, a nice dinner, a well manicured lawn, clean clothes and well behaved children.....Oh well..........I'm just going to go teach while my brain is asleep, so I can bring home a paycheck to pay the mortgage and bills and still have a dirty house.

Sorry - just needed to gripe for a second.....


wake up

I know that was probably just venting, but being a teacher is a more then just showing up for work, and going over all the standards that need to be met! Teaching is the profession that creates all others! Not only do parents create well-rounded individuals with goals, dreams and aspirations we DO IT also. We create our next generation of leaders. I would hate to think of only male teachers turning out our next generation! Of course it is will wear you down, but think about how important all of your time spent is! I know kids act like they don't care, but trust me, they do. At least most of them do.


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Tired too

I'm tired too. I have to remember to take at least one day where I do NOTHING that has to do with my job. That's hard to do! I've thought many times that I wish I had a job where I could just go home and forget about it until I went in the next day, but I think I would miss working with my students way too much. I don't have kids, but I hope I don't have to work when I do, although I know it will be a stretch. You're right...it's almost impossible to live comfortably with just one income because things are so expensive. I am glad for the feminist movement, though, because women have so many more opportunities now. Anyway, remember to take at least one day each week to rest, even though it's hard sometimes.

cincy teacher

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Boy Giggles! Were you reading my mind? I often wonder how nice it would be to stay at home and have a clean house. I am tired of being tired also!


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Thank you, all so much!

Thank you for your motivation, inspiration, reassurance, etc. It's nice to be remotivated again and remember why I am doing this to myself.

It's also nice to know that others feel the same, and that I'm okay for feeling this way.

Like everyone always says - it's hard when you have no other teachers in your personal life to understand what you are going through.

I dearly love my job and the children I teach. But, yup, I'm just tired........LOL:>)


Get over it, we all work hard and we often find ourselves tired. My friends that work for their own business work awful hours and often miss time that we get to spend with our family. Just make sure to send your students home as tired as you are.


get over it?

You have obviously never taught school. It is a tired that I cannot even explain. At one time in my life, I worked an 8 hour per day office job and then waitressed at night. Of course, I was tired, I hated it and it wasn't a sustainable way to make money. Teaching is often like that, only you don't get paid for working the night shift. It is hard to get over that.