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Titanic 100 year anniversary

Reading | Literature 


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Just wondering if anyone had a short reading passage about the Titanic at a grade 3 level for guided reading or shared reading.

Thanks ahead of time if you can post it!


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Not Short

but there is a great picture book titled Polar The Titanic Bear. It makes a great read aloud for third graders. Probably will need to be read over a two to three day period, but it is age appropriate in my opinion.


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check out

the BusyBoard with the title Titanic video. I posted a couple of different sites with resources. I am not really sure of the levels but there was a neat interactive site.:D

Sue too

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Titanic story

I read my class a neat book called Titanicat right before vacation. I wanted to give them some background in case their families were watching Titanic specials on TV this week. The kids really got into it and borrowed books from the library too!


great books

my class read polar the titanic bear and its was great they learnt great facts about the titanic i teach year 5/6 and they loved the my story that is a history book with a story line behind it called titanic its was great