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Title 1 Math


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My school has just implemented a Title 1 Math program this year in addition to Title 1 Reading. Now that the first half of the year is almost over, my principal, Title 1 director, and I are looking at the program to see if it is being effective and what, if any, changes need to be made.

I am wondering how other schools have set up their Title 1 Math programs. Ours was originally set up as an inclusion model but we're finding that that is not necessarily working - it becomes more monitoring and taking on roles of an assistant rather than a math teacher.

At this point, I work with 1st-5th grades with Kindergarten possibly being added after Christmas. Many of the upper grades that I pull out, I'm teaching the same things that the classroom teacher is teaching. I instead want to be providing alternative strategies and continual reveiw for the students I serve.

So basically, I would love to see models of other Title 1 Math programs in order to better our new program. There aren't any Title 1 Math programs in our area as we are the first and only.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated!


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Title I math

Up until this year our school did both Title I reading and math as pull out programs. We also did Reading Recovery. We worked with grades 1-3 in math using a pull out model. We looked at the students who did not pass our state test or other standardized tests that were given. We saw these children 3-4 days a week in small groups. We knew what the classroom teacher was teaching, but we tried to reinforce those skills/concepts in other ways. This worked fairly well for us. Unfortunately our funding was cut quite a bit and so this year we are not able to provide services for math. We have not served 4th-5th grade for about 5-6 years.

Some materials you might want to look into are Touch Math, and Frog Publications. Frog Publications offers books and games to use in the classroom AND for parental involvement. The kids loved them and they were easy to use. Both companies have websites.

Good luck and let me know if I can offer any more info.



Title 1 math (Sorry I wrote a dissertation)

I know the struggles of dealing with the Philosophy of remedial help...which road to follow to help students best...
I taught Kindergarten mornings and Title 1 math 2-6 of the afternoons for approx. 10 years at the start of my career.
I then switched to a 3rd grade classroom (by choice) for 13 years before asking for a transfer again. The next 2 years, I was in a different school in the district doing Title 2 Classroom Reduction--language arts. I liked that model, I teamed with 2nd through 5th grade teachers as another classroom teacher at the particular level I was at during the scheduled time. With 2nd, I did spelling and phonics with 1/2 the class for 1/2 hour while the other teacher was doing comprehension, then we switched groups for the other half hour, so the children had small group attention for the whole hour! At the end of two weeks, she did spelling and comrehension while I did comprehension...It worked well! 3rd grade, I had half the class for grammar for 45 minutes while the other teacher taught writing. The next day we switched groups.
4th, I did the same thing. 5th, I taught geography centers with my own unit--1 group of 5 or 6 so that during the week I had the whole class. I really enjoyed that whole concept. The only thing was that it was hard, sometimes, to step "back" from the primary teaching role to the auxillary roll. (I still find it hard sometimes to "submit" to teaming...)
Last year, the Title II funds were switched, so I became a Title 1 math teacher again.
I am at my original school of the morning--the Title math files were much the same as when I left them, so I was like an old hen returning to her nest. In the afternoon, I am in my other school building, so I just regrouped, changed subjects and went on...
I have 5 4th graders first thing...I do my own thing with them based on their test scores and discussions with their classroom teacher...I am not on the material from their classroom, but am trying to support their strengths and build up the week areas.
I team with 2nd and 3rd with the model I explained above. With 2nd I have half the class for half hour, then the other half. I try to stay on the same area they are doing in the classroom; with 3rd I have half the class a day. I am doing a computer assisted education program called Orchard that I helped get introduced to the school while I still taught 3rd grade. I am also doing the Math journal activities for them...how to write about their math solutions.
At the other school, I start with 4 4th graders--working much as above.
Then, ... the afternoon is more varied that the morning, but I try to remediate...not just tutor...
I am much more efficient this time around. As a young teacher, I thought I should individualized everything for each child and ended up with a lot of work that looking back I could have done much more easily by using the power of teamwork with the children!
Hope this has helped, we each use our own individual styles for the betterment of the children. I'd like to hear from others about their programs, too.:)


Title I Math

I am using TouchMath and it is my "miracle drug". It is working wonders for my Title I Math kids. The kids caught on within a week and the Skip Counting songs and posters are wonderful! The kids caught on to those in days and could skip count within a day or two. I am just blown away with how well it works!


Same problem

I am having the same problem as you. This is my first year teaching Title I Math in grades 1-5 and it seems they want me to teach the same thing as the classroom teacher just with my smaller group. But, I was under the impression that this was kind of supposed to be supplementary...so I could find things that would help these particular kids rather than teaching them the same thing they were getting in the regular classroom. I think these kids need something different, that's why they are in Title I. But, I don't know how to do that and still get in their Math instruction that they expect me to get in. I am doing TouchMath and I replied about that already...it is AMAZING!!


Title One Math

This is my first year teaching Title One Math, I have been a classroom techer for 8 years. I am wondering if you had any responses addressing your concerns and would share how a Title One classroom should be implemented.

Thank you


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I am in my third year teaching Title 1 Math and was a special education teacher the prior 5 years. My biggest concern is finding others who are in the title 1 math area to ask questions or get ideas. I serve K-6 grade students. What I do with my younger students is start out with number recognition, writing their numbers, 1:1 correspondence and build on from there. 2nd grade and up I begin with addition and practicing their facts. Once a week I do a 5 minute timing with 100 problems. I started something different this year with my timings. For my 2nd and 3rd graders they start with 0 added to each number through 9. They have to get 80 correct in 5 minutes before going on to 1's and so on. This has worked really good. For my older students we move the time down to 4 minutes, then 3 and so on. I have file folders that has various activities: counting, clocks, money, addition/sub, place value, etc. I turned my chalkboard into 4 centers this year. One has velcro pieces attached where the students can practice putting numbers in order, counting by 2's, 5's, 10's and etc. I just made number cards and attached velcro on the back of them. The students love to do that center. I found large magnetic money that the kids like playing with. I am constantly looking for things to use in my room.

I have 2 5th grade rooms that I go into their room and work with the students on their assignment for the day. I make sure that they are doing the assignment correctly while reinforcing basic math facts. My 6th graders bring their assignment to me and we work on it. I just give them the extra help that is needed.

My kindergartners I have a different classroom each day of the week. We just work on the floor at their end of the hallway. Number recognition, counting, shapes, colors.

Hope that this helps. If you need anything else feel free to ask.
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I have been teaching Title I math for 6 years. We tossed around a lot of different ideas about the best way to implement the program but decided to make it a pull-out program. I work with grades 1-4 and I have them for their entire 75 minute math block. I teach the regular curriculum but concentrate more on the fundamentals with the essential content driving my lesson plans. I work with 12 students in each grade and I have a full-time aide.

I use TouchMath as a strategy for computation. We use the Mastering Math Facts Program for memorizing facts. We also use the Accelerated Math program through Renaissance Learning for work on specific skills. Through this web-based program, I am able to print assignments for the students on their particular areas of need and I generally have them working on assignments a year below their grade placement. This is one form of remediation that we have found to be effective.

It's nice to know there are other Title I math programs out there. They are very few and far between.


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Title I Math in a Massachusetts school

You are so fortunate that your principal and Title I director are receptive enough to explore the possibility that your time could be used more effectively than it is now. My Title I classroom experience is just like yours (monitoring and assisting, rather than teaching), except that my Title I director is not receptive to seriously examining the effectiveness of Title I inclusion services.
I sincerely believe that if the teachers whose classrooms I visit shared the same beliefs that I have about what effective teaching is, then we would be able to be a successful working team and the students would benefit. That is not the case. I work with math teachers who believe that they fulfill their responsibility by standing in the front of the room and telling the students how to do whatever lesson they want the students to do. There is a lot of evidence that this does not work for the struggling learners at my school. These teachers who teach by talking, end up blaming the students for their own lack of learning.
I am grateful that I have a job at all, but I pray that some day I will have my own classroom of students.
In a neighboring town, the Title I students all get an extra math class each day instead of going to a second exploratory class. In that district, they do not have any inclusion Title I services. The downside is that their building is small so that two Title I teachers share a room together, and each teaches a lesson to a separate group of students at each end of the room.


Title I Math

Hello All,

I came across this thread by Googling "Title I Math". This is my sixth year in education, and I was a former 4th grade teacher in North Carolina. I have recently moved to Texas, and am not planning on pursuing my Texas teaching certificate, but rather my school library certification. In the meantime, I am returning to work this fall, and have recently been hired as a paraprofessional (with non-teacher pay) working with Title I Math. This program is new this year at this school, so the principal wasn't even 100% sure, but my understanding of the position is that I will do both pull-out and push-in for all grades in 45 minutes increments. I am not developing any material (which I was hoping to not partake in any "planning" duties this year), but taking material provided by the classroom teacher, and utilizing it with the small group of students. Because this program is new to me and to the school I will be working in, I was hoping to gain some additional insight to help me prepare for the school year coming up soon! Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated!


Hi, I am in second year teaching title I Math position for 4th and 5th graders. Last year I was going to their classroom and I was helping them when they were doing their do now or class work, but when the main teacher was teaching them I was not doing anything because i do not want to interrupt or making noisy, so just i was waiting or walking around the kids to pay attention. I am not sure what am i supposed to do at that time.could you tell me what are you doing (when you go to their classroom)during the class time? Thank you?