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TMI Allert: To moms with multiple children



I had a baby a baby back in July. THis is my third. I normally had 3-4 day periods, moderately light flow. This period that I have is really thin blood and a lot. I have had it since Monday, and I am still very flowing heavily, filling 1 large pad every 1 1/2-2 hours, with clots. When I use the washroom, I often have to flush twice to get the tinge of red to be gone. THis is a total change for me. I am breast feeding also. My cramping was like it was before, so that hasn't changed any. Has anyone noticed an increase in their flow as you had more children? Should I call the doctor?

Sorry for this graphic topic, but I am really concerned....


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happened to me

I had my second child in the month of July, also, except I had the problem you describe right AFTER he was born. Within a few hours after my son was born, I was going to the toilet and depositing lemon-sized clots of blood. It was horrifying to me. I also lost a lot of blood while I was in the hospital, and the doctor told me I should have either a blood transfusion or go on iron pills. I choose the iron pills because I'm a bit concerned about blood transfusions. The doctor also placed me on pitocin in IV form to cause my uterus to contract faster so that the bleeding would stop. According to the doctor, I was allowed to leave the hospital, but I was anemic when I did leave.

If I were in your situation, I'd be concerned. Please call your doctor for an appointment right away. You need to be concerned about becoming anemic or having something more serious. As far as the bleeding goes, I didn't have periods while I was breastfeeding. I didn't have bleeding until I stopped.


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Call the doctor

I have 2 kids (the youngest 6 months) and my periods have not changed at all. They just returned a month or so ago after I quit nursing. I would definitely call my doctor especially since this is not a normal cycle for you.

I might also start taking some iron pills since you seem to be losing quite a bit of blood. Hopefully, the doctor can get you in first thing. <!--lovestruck-->


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Definitely call the doctor.

Any type of bleeding that is not normal for you should be discussed with your doctor. As others have mentioned, you will probably need to take iron. It may be nothing, but your doctor needs to know about it so it can be noted in your history.


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Same thing

I had my fourth child 2 years ago and the same thing happened to me. When I brought it up to the doctor she told me that we'd just monitor until I hadn't breastfed for a year. It's been 10 months since I've breastfed, but I still have those really heavy flows. My flows were heavy before, but not like this. My doctor did not seem concerned at all.
If you are concered I would check with your doctor just to be safe, chances are it's just the hormones.
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