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to alicia



Hey alicia,
How are things going with your hubby to be? I'm the one in a similar situation and am wondering when I'll ever see my husband again. :) We are waiting for the final step--we had our interview two months ago and still are waiting for them to say we can finally live together as husband and wife. However, this waiting is hard over the holidays--isn't it? I can't live over there because I have to have a job here to prove I can support him. But I want to scream to them that what is a marriage if you have been apart for over a year--which it has been for us. And when we call the embassy, they say nothing new-- call us next week. No hope at all...we've been waiting so long that I think our file is being used as a door stop. Oh what can you do? It's just hard now-this is our second holiday season being apart. If you care to email please let me know. It's hard to talk about this legal bs to people who aren't involved. I just wonder what to do now...I sneeze and my laywer charges me...:) Hope things are going well with you--it'll be worth it. good luck


Hi Margaret

Hi Margaret,
It's great to hear from you. Your post made me cry. I cannot believe they are doing that to you. I understand what you are going through. My fiance and I haven't had any "red flags" yet, but he hasn't had his interview yet. It should be happening very soon though.

Here's my e-mail: aliciawest@hotmail.com

No need to spill everything on here. Write when you can:)

Hang in there,