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to buy or not to buy



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that is my question?
I don't scrapbook but have been intrigued by the cricut expression. Do you think I'd use it that much in my classroom to justify the price? Well, to be honest I'm just wondering if I'll really take the time to learn how to use it and all of its features, it's not so much the price I'm worried about. I'm not the "crafty" type of person but I'm becoming a "wanna-be-scrapbooker/crafter".


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Buy it! I love mine. It's just so nice not to have to buy any new letters or anything for your bulletin boards. It is really a lot of fun!! :)


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The machine is super easy to figure out. 24" is the largest size you can cut with the Expression. Do NOT purchase an Expression yet. Provocraft is releasing a new machine in September that will eventually replace the Expression.


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I love the cricut, but i recently got the Creative Memories Storybook Software, (digital scrapbooking) and love it. I was not a fan of scrapbooking, too much work on getting everything out and ready, but I love this and it is supper easy!


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BUy, buy, buy

I love, mine, and you don't need to buy a lot of cartridges. Just buy the Sure Cuts a lot program that works with your computer fonts to let you cut out all your existing fonts and any free fonts you download. There is a cricut message board that is very helpful to explain what I'm talking about too. do a search for www.cricut.com/messageboard