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To change jobs or not to change jobs???



I received a call today that a Title I Reading job is coming open at my school. I worked in Title I for a year during my first year of teaching. Since then, I've taught first grade. The class that's coming to me this year will be.... challenging, to say the least. I love being a classroom teacher. I also loved Title I and being able to work in small groups with struggling students. Im confused and looking for advice. What do you think?


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How secure...

is the job? Sometimes those jobs aren't as secure as a classroom teacher job. Nowadays though anything is possible with job security. If you loved it and it is a stable job go for it!


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Title 1

I loved being a Title 1 reading teacher for four years when I started my career. But....it was a year to year gig. I never knew until late June if the position would be there the following year, not to mention if I would need to travel between buildings or if I would have my own teaching space. There was just too much uncertainty. While I miss the lighter work load in terms of lesson planning, I would not give up having my own first grade classroom. I love the community I am able to create with my kiddos since I am working with them all day long. Good luck with your decision!