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Today was my lucky day


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I've been trying to get reconnected with PT friends. Today I was finally able to get in. What is/has been going on with PT? Is it dying, people are responding, or what?

I think of you all nearly everyday.


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Apparently there is no administration of the site right now and not everything is working (ie the home page) There is a reddit group and a facebook group that have formed (scroll down for links on joining those) but some of us are still hanging out here, mostly in the lounge. Most people have the lounge bookmarked for easy access. Welcome back!


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I have enjoyed PT for many years. The Facebook group is fun, but THIS forum is better. More private. I prefer separate topic headings to the FB format.<!--watermelon-->


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my dream

My dream is that someone decides to buy the site and leaves most of it the same. There are a few changes that I would like. For example, as much as I used it, I think I'd drop the Issues and politics board. It just was too much. Useful information, strong-minded people, interesting to see other viewpoints, but just not needed in my life. I'm finding out that I can do without so much annoyance og listening to people who don't agree with me LOL, and I hated it when some of it got brought over here to this board.

But I'm not too sure my dream will be realized. I'm already slipping away myself, finding myself doing other things like working on my hobbies. And Christmas is such a busy time of the year.