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Too much information - no boundries


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This week a teacher new to our school whom I barely know told me her ex boyfriend gave her an STD. Why would you tell someone you hardly know the intimate details of your sex life? I used to work in an office and the girl who sat next to me would make a big deal about taking her birth control pill each day and announcing to no one in particular "I don't know why I take these, I'm not getting any." Since when is everyone's sex life everyone else's business? How could you not realize that the details of your sex life shouldn't be shared with casual acquaintences? Is it that these people think that sharing such personal information is necessary to make friends?


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LOL Ewww. Just develop a mute button for these people. It is these people who crave attention the most. So if you don't give them what they want, they will eventually give up. Hang in there, and click "mute."

tessa j

too much info

If I had an STD, I would be too embarrassed to tell anyone, especially a stranger!!! I could just see your reaction after her surprising news.

I know where I work my co-workers discuss their sex lives and how they hate having sex with their husband. I get WAY TOO MUCH information from them. I just try to let it go in one ear and out the other. I went to high school with my co-workers, so I guess they feel we are close and can share anything. Too bad for me!!