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Tough year

Co-Worker Issue 


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This year has been so rough. I’m a virtual sped teacher this year and it has been a challenge. I work for a school that has no special education team. Until I started in October they had no special education teacher. The students were not getting services and most of their ieps were out of compliance. A lot of reeds needed to be completed and I was told I needed to do them in order for the psychologist to test. I have never heard of the resource teacher doing reeds, it was always the psychologist responsibility. I was told she does the testing and nothing else because she is paid a flat rate. She also requested a ridiculous form be filled out for each student when an eval needs to be done. The school has 1 special Ed teacher for all students so there is an overage issue, 1 social worker and 1 ot cota who do not work everyday. There is also a para that has had the nastiest attitude towards me since I started. Today she asked me if I knew what I was doing because of how I group students. Some are higher functioning than others, but they are in the same group. Has she never heard of differentiated instruction? Kids aren’t always on the same level, but it’s ok to group them together. I’m really tempted to quit because of the workload they lied about and how they want me to do everything including MDRs. They want me to see students all day but also do the paperwork of 3 -4 people. On top of dealing with this coworkers disgusting attitude everyday. It’s really taking a toll on me, this job doesn’t offer health insurance either, it just doesn’t seem worth it. I know if I leave the students won’t have a teacher anymore, but it’s really taking a toll on my mental health. I need a job to help support my family, but this is too much!


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That sounds horrid and especially being virtual. Good thing you're looking for another job. Hopefully you'll find something soon. Just do the best you can because there is no way you can do the jobs of everybody else who they haven't hired.


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I’m surprised that you are virtual and not working directly with students. I thought all schools were back to in-person teaching. Your situation must make thIngs much more difficult.

Your para sounds horrible. It certainly would be helpful if she was supportive instead of being nasty and questioning you. How exactly does the para assist you virtually?

No health insurance? Is this a private school? What does your contract say about leaving mid-year?

I know if I leave the students won’t have a teacher anymore, but it’s really taking a toll on my mental health. I need a job to help support my family, but this is too much!

The two main concerns should be for yourself with the job taking a toll on your health and how that can affect your family. The students may not have a teacher if you quit but that is the school’s problem, not yours. With no insurance, you cannot afford to continue like this and end up getting sick.

Is there any administrator who may be receptive who you can talk with about the your concerns? That discussion would need to lay out all of the problems with the way the job is set up and suggestions on how to make it workable. Do you have solutions?

I hope with mid-year retirements something in a much better situation opens up for you. If not, you will have a difficult decision to make. My heart goes out to you.