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Traditional Literature Titles

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I'm in need of book titles for the Traditional Literature genre. My fourth grade students are currently doing the 40 Book Challenge and I'm having a hard time suggesting chapter book titles that fall within this genre. Does anyone have any great titles to suggest?

I could have them read picture books from this genre but with my challenge, they'd have to read 5 picture books before it counts as one chapter book. I'm looking forward to suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help! :)


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Found some...

I know I'm answering my own question but I did some more research and found the following titles which I think may be useful to whomever stumbles on this thread. Here are the titles that I found that would also be considered under this genre:

The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan
(It incorporates Greek mythology which is part of Traditional Literature)

Goddess Girls Series by Joan Holub
(Also incorporates mythology)

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan (The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire)
(Incorporates Egyptian mythology)

The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan (The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune)
(Incorporates Greek mythology)

Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull
(Incorpates Fairy Tale characters which are also part of Traditional Literature)

The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Exupery
(French fable)

Plane Kate by Erin Bow
(Incorporates elements of classic fairy tales)

Tales from the Odyssey Part 1 & 2 by Mary Pope Osborne
(A mythology story about Homer's Odyssey written for kids)

D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths by Ingri D'Aulaire and Edgar Palin D'Aulaire
(A books of myths)

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson
(Incorporates elements of fairy tales)

Favorite Greek Myths by Mary Pope Osborne
(A books of myths)

A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz
(Hansel and Gretel travel through a series of Grimm Fairy Tales)

Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu
(Incorporates elements of fairy tales)


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Here's Another

We did this as a read aloud-
The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary
Each chapter ended with a moral, and the kids loved it.


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Thank you jerzgirl for suggesting that title! I'm going to definitely add it to my list. Love the concept. Take care!


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We weren't sure what that was either.

The librarian and I decided that anything older than 50 years would be our qualifier. We put a collection together of Winnie the Pooh, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little Women, Alice in Wonderland, and some of the classics for kids (Moby Dick, Treasure Island, etc.) Heck, some kids are even discovering the old Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books.


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I totally understand what you mean. At first I thought Traditional Literature was classic stories. I did some research and basically this is what Traditional Literature is:

Traditional Literature (also known as Folk Literature) are stories passed down from generations to generations by oral storytelling. These stories include: Myths, Legends, Folktales, Fables, Fairy Tales, Tall Tales, and Nursery Rhymes. Traditional Literature is the foundation for the Fantasy genre.

I'm attaching a document I found online that helps further explain the genre. Hope this helps too! :)
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Thanks for clearing that up. At least it looks like some of our stuff may actually fit! :-)


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I have done classics with my fourth grade. They read young classic of Moby Dick, the Secret Garden. Little woman. For their book report they make a puppet of the main character out of a brown paper bag. They then do an oral presentation speaking as that character. We write a summary on a speech bubble.
They love this. I has a student last year who did not care for books. Well Moby dick got him hooked.