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Trophies or Reading Street?


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My school is looking at adopting either Harcourt Trophies or Scott Foresman Reading Street for reading. Has anyone used either of these programs? I'd love to hear either positives or negatives to both programs.



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the freebies are amazing with this, we just adopted it and I was the lead on the adoption team. The rep we worked with was amazing and we saved the school a lot of money over the next 5 years.

It was chosen by all but 4th in our k through 5 classes. They had great flow and since I teach first I was REALLY concerned about how they introduced the vowels and they have two main stories per vowel which is what we wanted for our two week a vowel program that we like. There are amazing extras, im telling you it was like christmas and when I got all the teachers together with the rep to present the program for a choice they were impressed , a lot of the things we thought we were not going to get and that we would have to put on our wish list came free on the freebies if you sign for a 5 year contract. You will be amazed too I hope. I teach in a priv. catholic school so we are on a tight budget so im not sure what you already have but for us it was a no brainer. :)


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Our board just approved McMillan Treasures for next year. Our reading committee did a very thorough comparison of a number of series. It came down to Harcourt or McMillan, we felt McMillan was better. And they gave a lot of freebies also.

Mrs. Bea

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I currently use the Trophies edition for 4th grade and I absolutely love it!!! It is laid out and flows so well. It is easy to plan and prepare by also. 5 Stars.....*****