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"Turkey Book" Pattern Found!


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I found the pattern for the book "Tell Me About Turkeys". It is a book with true information about turkeys. The book is in the shape of a turkey and you use plastic forks for the legs. Some of you asked for the pattern. I have scanned it and saved it as a PDF. I'd be happy to email it to you. The book could be used in either kindergarten or first grade. I wasn't for sure about uploading it here due to copyright issues, even though it's from a book of reproducibles. If you'd like a copy, just email me at abctchr@gmail.com and I'll send it to you. Amy


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You are awesome

If you didn't email tchr185 for this, you should. It is the cutest non-fiction thanksgiving book I've ever seen! I can't wait to do it with my kids next week.

Thanks for sharing it, Tchr...

Gotta love PT!!! :)


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turkey book

I would love a copy of the turkey book. We are working on naked turkeys so I might as well keep the theme rolling! I am not able to email your address for some reason so could you please email it to me when you have time. Thanks so much~ thewilsonsix@verizon.net