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Tutoring Centers


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Does anyone have any experience with tutoring centers, such as Sylvan or Huntington Learning Center? I am looking for how much they pay per hour. I am broke and will definitely need a summer job! I know I can make more money privately tutoring, but I am having trouble finding kids in my area, and my school is far away from where I live. Thank you!


Different geographic regions have different payscales with Sylvan, also different level of jobs. I know someone who has worked there about a year and is now making over 10 an hour - parttime - my daughter worked as a puller over holidays making 7 - parttime. I have applied many times and not hired and I do have a teaching license - unlike my daughter. If you are a licensed teacher go for the highest level you can in the beginning. By the way they charge students 40 something an hour and there are somethings about the program that are very different from traditional schools - at least according to people I have talked to. You reminded me that I should reapply since they hopefully will need people again this summer for vacations and have more students. Good luck!



I used to tutor at Huntington. I think I started out making about $10 per hour and when I left I believe I was up to $11 or $11.25. They give 25 cent raises at each performance review. A note about summer jobs - at the one I worked at, they didn't hire people specifically for the summer, but it may be different in your area. Also, you will not work a 40 hour week, even in the summer. I averaged about 15 hours per week. So, it's a good part time job, but doesn't pay as much as a full time one.