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I am considering tutoring over the summer as a means of bringing in some extra money. Does anyone know what the going rate is?


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I was going to charge $25 an hour, but the child's mom said she would make it $30 if I'd come to their house instead of her having to drive the child to the library. I didn't have any problem with that!:D I work with two other teachers who tutor. One charges $20 and the other charges $25.


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Going rate

I charge a flat rate of $20.00. If you were interested in getting more tutoring clients you might want to check out www.tutorsteach.com It does cost you to join for a minimum of 3 months, but they send you people interested in hiring tutors. I just signed up and have a prospect. Best of luck to you. :D


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I tutor

at-risk students after school. The school district pays us for this and they pay at a rate of $25 per hour. We only tutor for 30 minutes several times a week.


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around our area...

the going rate is 45-50 an hour... seeing the other posts make me feel GUILTY!!!! I always feel bad proposing that amount, but if all the other teachers are asking for that amount and I put myself lower, then that's not really right either.

You really need to find out what the going rate is right in your own school district, or you could way over or under charge! :eek:


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right now I'm charging $15 to one of my needy parents, but if I were to do it in the summer I'd charge $25/hr. Anywhere between 15 and 35 I'd say.