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TV dad survey


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I read an article discussing TV dads who were great. Some mentioned were Ozzie Nelson, Ward Cleaver, Charles Ingalls, Andy Tayor, Jim Walsh, & Phil Dunphy just to name a few from the list.

Who is your favorite TV dad?

The first one I thought of was Tom Bradford on Eight is Enough. I think because I was trying to find episodes to watch. I am not sure he is my favorite though.


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TV Dads

I'm huge 7th Heaven fan (lol...I know...guilty pleasure! <!--giggle--> ), so for me, the Rev. Eric Camden (although the actor got in major trouble).

Teen Mom is also another guilty pleasure, and I think Taylor McKinney (Maci's husband) and Cole DeBoer (Chelsea's husband) are wonderful dads.

I liked Jason Sievers from the Growing Pains, too.

Now, there a lot of other shows I liked, but that doesn't weren't necessary Father of the Year material!


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Family Ties

Steven Keaton on Family Ties an Howard Cunningham on Happy Days are my favorite tv dads.
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I don’t think the dad from The Middle gets enough credit for being a good TV dad. He’s not perfect but he’s always trying his best.