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Unfinished Work


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I am having a hard time keeping up with people who are not getting their work done on time and getting them to do it later. I usually tell them that they have to do it at recess , but then I forget to tell them and so they get away with it (my fault) any suggestions on remembering when to tell them or how to keep up with this?


I write names on the board with what they are missing and they have to get their name off the board before they can participate in the "fun friday" activity. This is a HUGE incentive, and it's amazing how well it works, and then i don't have to remember...it's already up there on the board.


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unfinished work

I, too, put names on the board for unfinsihed work and they all know if their name is still up there at recess time, they have to stay in and finish it. For those who like to fudge and tell me it's done when it's not, then they have to show me the finished paper.

Sometimes I turn it around and have those who are finished with a paper write their number or name on the board. It works in reverse because they all want a chance to write on the board!:p


Save It Folder

have your students put unfinished work in to a "save it folder". OR you could also have students put unfinished work on a table to save. that way when they finish other work early they can take the folder out or go to the table and work on anything. this could also become a center.


Unfinished work

I use a cardboard "mailbox" which most teachers use for papers to be sent home. Every time we transition, if students haven't finished their work, the papers go in their mailbox. Any time during the day they have a free minute, they check their mailbox for unfinished work. If students are absent I put all their work for the day in their mailbox so it's waiting for them when they return. If work has been turned in but needs a lot of corrections (corrections I think the students can do on their own) I also put that back in mailboxes with a note "Please correct this".

This has worked great for me for many many years. It keeps things organized and I can see at a glance who has unfinished work.


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My students each have an "Unfinished Work" folder in their desks. I give ample time throughout the week for them to finish work, but whatever is not done at the end of the week goes home on Friday. Anyone who has anything in that folder takes it home on Friday to complete over the weekend.


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Recess Bucket

Our school has a "recess bucket" that goes out every day. If they are not done with their work, it goes in the bucket. At the end of recess, if they are not done, it is graded as is.