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Unhappy at work


5th years

I work at a school that made alot of changes last year. Teachers working in different grade levels and jobs. I work with one teacher closely that always is looking at the negitive side of things. She is mad because she had a classroom and now just teaches one subject. 70 students. I am doing the same. I am trying to make the best of it but everyday I hear her. She yells at the students a lot. She gets so mad at them that she needs to stop teaching and walk away.
She told a student yesterday that there was no hope for him. I just wanted to tell her how I felt- but there were students around. She says she works everynight on things and never takes a break. Now I am not saying I have never yelled at a student, but I feel like raising your voice does not help everytime. She is older then me and she loves to be the center of attention in staff meeting or parent meeting. When she get over stressed, she cries. (at least 3 times a month) I need advice on how to deal with her. I can not get away from her because we shair an office with little areas to have small group instruction. She has made many comments about how she misses her space. Please help

Miss C

Senior Member

Sounds like a tough situation. I think my one piece of advice would be to listen to her when you are up to it, but, when you're not (even if it's frequently), be very, very busy when she's around. Make it clear with body language that you just can't listen right then. I have to do this with a co-worker occasionally. It feels rude, but I would be much ruder if I actually listened to her. I feel bad because I'm sure she needs someone to talk to, but some days that person just can't be me. *hugs*